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Collecting Tips: Displaying/Storing

How can I display or store my cards? One of the joys of collecting is to show your treasurers to friends. Put your good cards in plastic card holders. Smaller sets can go in the eight or nine-pocket protective pages and then in albums. If you have single signed baseballs, consider buying a holder than enables you to display a card of the player as well. I found the best way to display a collection of framed autographs, cards, bats, a run of World Series programs, cards, and other unusual items was to build a "mini-museum" in my basement. It's an ideal place to bring groups of school children through and introduce them to the wonders of sports memorabilia collecting. If such space is not available, consider building shelving in a bedroom , or, if you have space, devoting the entire "extra" room to your collection.

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