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"If the hobby ever gets around to creating a Hall of Fame, people like...Gar Miller ought to be in the first wave of inductees."
-Ted Taylor, Sports Collectors Digest,1989

"Shouldn't we give some sort of 'unsung dealer' recognition to dealers such as Gar Miller who has sold cards without interuption and fanfare with great success for decades? He has demonstrated a refreshing ability to hold the price line."
-Ralph Nozaki, Sports Collector's Digest, 1989

"I have ordered cards from Gar Miller since 1976. In that time he has always been very reasonable in his prices and a pleasure to do business with. He makes collecting as 'enjoyable today as it was when I collected as a kid.'"
-Joe G., Elberton, GA

"From 1974-1977,my friends and I bought a lot of cards from you, and wanted to let you know that we really thought you were a straight shooter with your cards' quality, evaluation and supply. It sounds like your devotion and sincerity to the hobby have stood the test of time."
-Doug H., Yorba Linda, CA

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