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Collecting Tips: Card Values

What about card values? Since the mid-1970s, catalogues and books have been published that have assigned values to cards. These are revised as often as monthly and reflect trends in the hobby. Most dealers and collectors use either Beckett or Sports Collectors Digest publications to price cards. As the publishers note, however, they are just guides and often do not reflect true scarcity or regional demand. Yankees and Dodgers material is normally more expensive and difficult to obtain. Other cards listed at relatively low prices are simply hard to find. Most card prices today are considerably more affordable than they were at the peak of the collecting boom several years ago. Does this mean it's a good time to buy? No one can be sure but many 1980s and 1990s complete sets seem eminently reasonable compared to prices that were once double and triple what they are today. Some, like the 1985 Topps complete set featuring Mark McGwire's Olympic card, have gone way back up in value.

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